Larry Williams

The Mike Wheeler Band out of Chicago showed up and showed out at the King Biscuit Blues Festival. I had seen the band a few times in the Chicago area and I’m still amazed at Larry Williams the left handed bass player. It’s my understanding that he is playing a right handed bass upside down. I can just image the skill this takes and the hours of practice he had to put in to become as proficient as he is, not only that he’s a first class showman. Mike Wheeler and the rest of the band ain’t half bad either.

Sean Bad Apple

Sean Bad Apple performing at the 2022 King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansa. Met Sean while following the Blues Trail Markers from Gulfport to Memphis in the spring of 2022. His blues club truly gives the vibe of a long ago Juke Joint and the man can play some blues.

Fillmore Slim

Fillmore Slim was a pleasant surprise at the King Biscuit Blues Festival. Hadn’t just the fact that he’s still alive and performing came as a shock but the fact that his set had the crowd up and moving. When he told the story of how he was Etta James’ first “boyfriend” I thought he was telling a tall tale but many stories confirmed that the knew each other in San Francisco when Etta was in her teens. And he’s wasn’t shy about talking about his pimp days. Another blues legend I got to see before he is gone.