Blue Front Cafe – Bentonia Mississippi

Mississippi Blues Trail Marker. During a trip from Gulfport, MS to Chicago in the spring of 2022 decided to track and photograph as many Mississippi Blues Marker as I could find. Pulled Ito Bentonia MS and found the Blue Front Cafe. It was a Sunday morning so knew the cafe wasn’t open but it was a good time to get a photo. As I was photographing the store front a older gentlemen asked if I would like to look inside, said he didn’t;t open the front door on Sunday mornings in difference to the Baptist Church across the tracks. Did get many good shots on the inside due to the lightening but will post those I did get later. There was two other people inside having their morning coffee when the one asked if I knew who the gentlemen was that invited me in, well low and behold if it wasn’t Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, the owner and the blues musician who had just the week before lost the grammy for traditional blues album to Bobby Rush. After finding out that I was from Chicago, Mr Holmes starting reminiscing about his time in the Windy City.